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Spalted Golden Elm Yarn Bowl
  • Spalted Golden Elm Yarn Bowl

    Spalted Golden Elm Yarn Bowl. Roughly 25.5cm diameter, with a 22cm opening. Stands about 9cm high. Honey coloured timber with striking dark spalted lines. Highlights of vibrant blue accent make this a visually dynamic yarn bowl. A extra large yarn bowl designed for those projects which use multiple balls of yarn or for one with an extra chunky knit. Beautifully finished this will last you for generations to come.

    Please note we've done our best to portray the colour accurately with our photography, but colour may vary from screen to screen depending on your computer settings.

    • Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth. Never leave soaking in water or place it in the dishwasher, as this can cause the wood to swell, warp, or crack.
    • Dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth (tea towel) to remove excess moisture then set aside to dry completely before storing.
    • Avoid placing in direct sunlight as this may lead to warping or cracking.
    • Periodically re-oil to keep the wood well conditioned, increasing its longevity. Re-oiling is only necessary if the wood appears to be drying out.
    • To re-oil, apply a small amount of mineral oil (e.g. ricebran oil) and rub into the entire surface with a paper towel or soft cloth. Leave the oil on the surface for an hour or so, reapplying if necessary, to allow the oil to absorb into the rolling pin completely. Once done, wipe off any excess oil and return to storage. Avoid using other cooking oils (including olive oil) as these may go rancid over time.
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