Toki/Adze (Long)
  • Toki/Adze (Long)

    This is your opportunity to order a custom made taonga. Masterfully crafted - hand carved and bound in a traditional manner with a waxed braid cord and handcarved wooden toggle.

    Every taonga has a special meaning or story behind its design. This toki (adze) represents courage, strength, determination and authority, especially in the face of adversity. It may also represent an artistic or creative person. It is believed that a taonga, when worn with respect or given and received with love, takes on part of the spirit of those who wear or handle it. In this way it becomes a link between friends and family, spanning time and distance.

    This listing is for a taonga similar to the style pictured. However, if you have special requests we will do our best to accommodate them. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


    Size: 95 mm long, 35 mm at the widest point.


    If you wish to combine shipping on multiple items please contact us before placing your order.

    • If needed, wipe clean with a warm damp cloth then dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.
    • Periodically re-condition with our Walker's Woodturning's natural blend of beeswax and oil to keep in good order.